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Ordering rules via the online form.

Please read them before ordering.

- The online form is only available to people who platforms such as Glovo, PysznePL, UberEats are not able to reach because of the distance.


- Orders are accepted the day before via the form between 13:00 and 22:00 the next day.


- From Monday to Friday, different districts will be designated daily for delivery.


- If you live in a district where orders are delivered on Monday, your form must be sent online on Sunday at 21:59.

-All addresses entered in the form will be checked before accepting the order. If the address does not belong to a given district or is located too far from the designated zone, you will be notified by email that the order will not be processed.


- If the order is processed, you will also receive a confirmation email with the amount you will have to pay.


- Teas in the order should be composed based on the menu at


- Orders will be delivered between 14:00 and 20:00
on the day after placing the order. Detailed information, e.g. on reducing this time, will be given in the return e-mail.


- Possibility of online payment or payment card upon delivery. Details in the return e-mail after submitting the form.


- If the customer chooses online payment, the order will be delivered without contact to the door of the apartment / house.


- Each order will be accompanied by a receipt as a purchase certificate.


- Please provide the exact delivery address: street, house number, apartment number, staircase, floor and whether the estate is guarded so that our delivery reaches you as soon as possible.


- Delivery is free only for 5 or more teas, from 2 to 4 bubbletea delivery cost 10 PLN.


- The minimum order quantity is 2 bubbletea.

- If you have a code for free tea or 9 stamps on your loyalty card, you can exchange them for a third free tea (2 + 1 free). This is due to the minimum amount of tea paid in free delivery. To use the code enter it in the designated place, the amount of the order will be reduced by tea + additive. If you have 9 stamps, enter "10th tea for free" in the space provided.


- By sending the application form you agree to pay for the order, according to the price list given in the menu.


- The data contained in the form are necessary to contact the customer to deliver the order.


- By sending an order you agree to the processing of your data only for delivery purposes.


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