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Special moments call for a grand celebration

. Whether you have an upcoming birthday, wedding reception, corporate event, or family gathering, treat your guests to refreshing, high-quality bubble tea


customizable Bubbletea catering

Share the magic from our beverages at your party or event with our customizable catering packages. Whether you are looking to cater bubble tea to 20 people or 300 people, Tian Fun is prepared to provide fresh, premium bubble tea for all occasions! 

Tian Fun's bubble tea is brewed in house and made fresh daily. We use premium ingredients in our drinks so each customer can experience the best bubble tea.

* Alcohol version is available upon request.

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To get started, we ask customers to place their catering request 7 days in advance so our baristas can prepare to fulfill the order on the day of the event.

We want to make sure that catering on your special day is made just for you. As such, we offer several beverages on our catering menu for you to choose from. You can customize your drink order with up to 50% less sugar, lactose-free or soy milk.  Drinks available on our catering menu include:

To ensure that you are ordering the right drinks for your event, schedule a menu sampling with our catering consultants! At your sampling, you'll discuss your event theme, the demographics of your guest list, and your party size with us so we can help suggest a drink menu that caters to your crowd and fits your budget. 


For large orders or events, we offer on-site services where our baristas make and serve drinks at your party. We are happy to assist at your event to create a fun environment with a bubble tea station. To request baristas at your event, we require a minimum purchase order of 100 teas. We also ask for a minimum serving time of 2 hours. Please note that our team will need 30-60 minutes to set up a drink station. Contact us for more information on rates for on-site service! 

Make a bubbletea at home


If you want your event to be more memorable and your guests to also enjoy bubble tea at home -
create customizable bubble tea box just for your party! Each bubble tea box comes with a set of TIAN FUN branded cups, lids, straws, tea leaves, syrups and bubbles.
In addition to this we can design customizable sticker and special additions for your event.  Since our boba is made fresh to order, we recommend serving within a 3 days time frame from
receiving your order to ensure freshness and preserve the quality of the drink. 
If you happen to have extra teas, bubbles or jelly toppings leftover, no worries! Stock them in the
refrigerator to enjoy later!

Contact Us

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+48 787 887 588

Want to hear more?


Tian Fun is franchising! We are looking for franchise partners who are interested in learning, growing, and developing themselves as entrepreneurs in the gastronomy industry. Learn more about what it takes to join the family by writing the email to:

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