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Standing on the shoulders of giants is the easiest path to rapid success with a distant vision for your future!

Select the right team, and you half the way to your success!

Our team’s executive management are diverse and leading industry performers, with robust business experience. In the past decade, we have opened over 100 stores, and provided guidance for dozens of brands. With our own ingredients and complete equipment and production machinery supply, we can satisfy all your needs from selection of ingredients, to product development, brand positioning, visual design, space planning, and promotional marketing, to all manner of issues facing you when opening your store’s operations. We offer comprehensive headquarters support, with integrity and sincerity, as we work with mutual synergy to create a fun concept of brand culture which holistically integrates every aspect of your new business, ensuring you no longer have to be a single individual, but will enjoy the full support of an entire team! 


Standing on the shoulders of giants

Is the easiest path to rapid success with a distant vision for your future!

Come join our TIANFUN family, we will lead you through practical team training designed to ensure you know everything you need to know for the entire gamut of operations, along with our professional development team working with you from before the store’s opening to assist with location selection and traffic estimation to provide you only the most cogent advice. As well as preparing you for your store’s grand opening, we will also get you ready by practical experience in leading store opening and closing, beverage production SOP, performance charts, customer taste and palate analysis, customer encounter procedures, advertising and marketing. You will learn operations as well as analytical and management competencies, and how to deploy your customized POS system, so that even when at home you can conveniently track your store operations, determine profitability, and ensure efficient administration. Through your TIANFUN training courses, your store’s staff will complete their readiness in one to two days, and your store manager will be ready in one week. Our efficient training reduces initial manpower training costs, ensuring your valuable investment is put to immediate use generating income. So join us in becoming a new leader in the food and beverage field, and metamorphose into your new, self-confident leadership role!

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